Taking challenges and making solutions...

As our company has grown we have kept an open mind. Approaching new projects with our level of commitment and creativity, we gain knowledge as we walk through specialized jobs from beginning to end with our clients.

At this particular jobsite a pool no longer in use was filled with 220 tons of dirt. DeMasi's then built flower boxes on the perimter and placed plants in the interior surrounded by goose egg stone. 

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Joseph DeMasi started his landscaping company with just a vehicle and the basic equipment in 1989. Quality work and customer satisfaction has always been of the utmost importance. Longevity in customer relations shows this to date. Refining his client base to commercial properties has allowed his company to grow and utilize all their skills. With a variety of equipment and an expansive knowledge of lawn and plant care, DeMasi's is able to meet the demand efficently on larger properties. 

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