You can find a list of our services and examples of our work here. We are not limited in our vision for new projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine quality, efficiency and customer service at every job.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

We offer full care of your whole properties landscape. Mowing to maintain a healthy lawn is just the beginning. We also can aerate, seed, fertilize your lawn and spray for weeds. Edging beds and walkways keeps your property looking as presentable as possible. Full installation of sod is also available. 

Quality Plants

From cutting in beds and plotting plants to mulching and weeding, DeMasi's can keep your flower beds looking fresh. We have a variety of reputatble vendors where we source our plants from. We choose the right shrub, perenial, annual or tree for the right environment in order to stand behind our guaruntee to thrive. Weeding and hedge trimming are also offered as part of our maintenance plans.

 Landscape Installations

We can take any property from empty dirt patches to beautiful landscapes in no time! By designing and executing a layout we can take your properties, large or small, and turn them into beautifully landscaped masterpieces.

Tree Work

Maintaining the trees on your property will not only keep them healthy but can prevent debris caused by storms. Nature offers no limitation to what we should be prepared for when storms can take down branches or whole trees. We can help you from start to finish and have the capabilities to cut any size tree down and remove the debris. 

-Hedge Trimming
-Insect Control
-Full removal (including stump)
-Debris Clean-up

*Seasoned Fire Wood available Year Round

Schools and Municipalities

Here are some photos of properties we maintain. The schools we have the pleasure of working with also use our servies to install sand in their sandboxes and certified mulch in their playgrounds. 

Erosion and Flood Control

If you have erosion or flooding problems we can help. By assessing your problem and using various techniques we have help protect your property against damaging erosion andflooding. 

Snow Removal

Whether by storm or yearly contract, we offer plowing, snow hauling and salting. Our fleet of trucks armed with Western plows and our ATV and skid steer provide everything we need to manage your property during inclimate weather. 

Specialized Projects

Below are projects that required our ingenuity and expertise. 

Blair Gardens:

We assisted engineers in creating an environmentally friendly retention basin. Using gabion baskets and plants we developed a way to utilize excess water and made an appealing area at the epicenter of new construction in Philadelphia, PA

Pool Fills

A pool no longer in use was at a property we managed and with the job request we had a company assist us in moving 220 tons of dirt via tube and hydro-excavation over a 16ft wall to fill the pool. DeMasi's then built flower boxes and chose plants to accent the garden. 

Using our Skid Steer to load dirt into the hydro-excavation truck

Dirt being pushed through tubing and pnuematically blown into the pool

Pool area finsihed with plants in place

Flower box perimeter

Waterfall Garden and Pond

With a triple filtration system including a skimmer, foam filtration at the base of the falls and plants carefullly placed in the tiers, this pond stays clear year round. 

Meadow Installation and Maintenance

With a meadow installation you can grow beautiful and native flowers on your property and attract pollinators of all kinds to your property